Baler: Zabali’s Old Lighthouse

UPDATE: We visited the lighthouse again in January 2018

Since we’re already on Barangay Zabali in Baler, we decided to go to an old lighthouse near PAG-ASA Weather Station. But this time, we did some trekking since there’s no road going there.

Built on one of the hills of Sitio Tibag, the lighthouse served as a beacon for the sea vessels. However, due to negligence and being timeworn, new lighthouses were constructed (one on Cemento beach and another at Dicasalarin) instead of rehabilitating it. In addition to its white color, you can’t miss the lighthouse along the road of Diguisit because it’s well elevated.

As told earlier, there’s no clear trail so we tried to walk along the shore. The lighthouse is just less than 15 minutes away, the local said. Well, what we’ve experienced was more than 15 minutes of wandering and snapping pictures (hehe). A few moments later, our fellow sheep discovered a narrow and dense path on the foot of the hill. We thought that it was the right way to the promised land.

With an exception from a pretty steep climb at the bottom of the hill, it’s an easy ascend after that, even a newbie can climb without a hitch. In fact, we bumped into a family going downhill. After a less than 10 minutes, we’ve finally reached the lighthouse.

It is 3-storeys high and has accessible concrete stairs. Since it’s no longer operational, the beacon on its top is already dismantled, but the solar panel is still intact. It may no longer serve its original purpose, but the lighthouse has a new calling in tourism as it attracts visitors who want sightseeing.

Going up the lighthouse is indeed very rewarding as it offers a magnificent 360 view of the surroundings – from the mountain range of Sierra Madre, Aniao Islets, the residential area of Zabali, to the vastness of Pacific Ocean. The weather got along with us that morning, as the gentle breeze scraped away our fatigue.

If only the sunshine was not that irritating as time passed, we stayed there a bit longer. Still mesmerized by the view, we can’t help but look sideways repeatedly as we descend the hill.

From Baler, take the road going to Dicasalarin Beach. There’s a sari-sari store before advancing to PAG-ASA weather station where you can ask about the lighthouse.

Lighthouse is free of admission. However, you need to enter first to a private resort charging P10 per head.



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  1. jam says:

    nice view.

  2. Angeli says:

    Safe po ba sa bata?

  3. Amelyn valdez says:

    Hi, . f ever matuloy po kmi, mag visit jn sa cove ng dicasalarin is it safe po ba?

  4. Tupang Gala says:

    Yes po. Safe dyan

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