Osaka: Kita District Cityscape

Perhaps virtually every city in Japan has an observation deck in at least one of its towers. When the flock had the chance to visit Osaka we didn’t waste our chance to visit one of its observation decks: the Umeda Sky Building.

Located in Kita (North) district of Osaka, the Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル Umeda Sukai Biru) is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. It has a height of 173 meters or 40 floors. It has two towers connected by a Floating Garden Observatory at the 39th floor.

We were awed with the building’s architecture, especially its escalators leading to the observation deck that connects the two buildings. After paying ¥700 (we were unable to find free observation decks and we found ourselves here) we immediately looked at the awesome view of Osaka from above. We can see the city in its entirety. There are coffee shops, souvenir shops and lounge for those who want to stay longer. The good thing is you can talk to the kind staff if you want to re-enter without buying another ticket. It is late afternoon when we arrived, so we waited for the sunset and the evening’s arrival. In this time we saw the beauty of the entire city even at night.

That evening, the cool breeze blows at the roof deck and the number of people slowly increased. Love locks have been installed for couples. During evenings, the roof deck floorings are illuminated with luminous light that brings the romantic mood to the visitors. After taking some shots and having picture taking, we decided to go down.
At the building’s basement is the Takimi-koji restaurant mall, a replica of a Japanese street during the early Showa period.

The Umeda Sky Building is a 10-15 minute walk from Osaka and Umeda Stations.

Floating Garden Observatory
FEES 700 yen
HOURS 10:00 to 22:30 (entrance until 22:00)

When we asked for directions going here, most of the Japanese respondents have no idea of the Umeda Sky Building, so it might be better to mention the building’s name in Japanese, “Umeda Sukai Biru”.


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