Tokyo: After 6 Passport – Tokyo Disneyland’s Spectacular Night Treat

Not into rides and just want to spend a magical night at Tokyo Disneyland? Then this one’s for you. You can enjoy a spectacular night treat at Disneyland with ¥4,200 worth of “After-6 Passport”, which is available for use on weekdays at 6:00 pm onwards (See the link at the bottom of this page for other “Passport” prices). And it’s not only for the young ones but also for us, who are young at hearts.

Though it was summer one Friday afternoon when we went there, there were doubts of rainfall because a typhoon just passed the night before. But it turned out in our favor as the weather was cool and breezy unlike the usual humid summer feels here in Tokyo. And of course, rain or shine, we couldn’t forget our cameras during bondings like this where we can have our mandatory pictorial!

While onboard the train, we already had a glimpse of the beauty of the place, passing by the famous Cinderella Castle, the splendid Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel, and the cute Mickey Mouse-themed monorail.

Fortunately, we had plenty of time so we got the chance to have a roundtrip ride along the Mickey Mouse monorail. We also didn’t miss the picture-perfect spots like the welcome arch to the Tokyo Disneyland Resort and Hotel. After getting tired from all the posings we did for the camera and shooting at numerous instagrammable view, nooks, and whatnot, we stopped at Becks, one of the restaurants in front of Maihama Station that offers tasty sandwiches, pasta, freshly brewed coffee, and lemonade, to recharge.

Upon entering the gates of Tokyo Disneyland, we were immediately awestruck by the surreal sights of the enchanting garden, colorful lights, beautiful sunset, airplanes dotting the horizon, and the smiling staff. Souvenir shops and cafes lined up the inside. Along the shopping street, there was an awesome dancing lights presentation that welcomed and fascinated all the guests, including us.

As the moon rose to its glory and illuminated the night skies, the most-awaited night parade “Dreamlights” graced the grounds, starring the famous and most loved Disney characters in their stunningly luminous and glittering floats. Moments later, our favorite Disney characters also featured in a 20-minute spectacular nighttime visual of dynamic lights and memorable music at Cinderella Castle Forecourt Plaza.

Even just for a night, all of our childhood’s magical dreams and imaginations came true. If God permits, we will surely come back there. Loads of fun we had there also proved that Disneyland is not only for kids but for all ages.

Contributed by Tupanggala Rose and Tina


  • Get off at Maihama Station on JR Keiyo Line/ Musashino Line.
    To find your way from various destinations, click the link here


  • After 6 Passport
    ¥4,200 (Adult); ¥4,200 (Child)
  • Starlight Passport
    For use from 3 p.m. on weekends and holidays
    ¥5,400 (Adult); ¥4,700 (Junior); ¥3,500 (Child)
  • 1-Day Passport
    ¥7,400 (Adult); ¥6,400 (Junior); ¥4,800 (Child)




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