Burgos: Turquoise Waters of Tanap-Avis Falls

The flock and I were a bit disappointed when we went to Abang Falls, Bangui a few days before, so we seek for other waterfalls within Ilocos Norte. From Pagudpud, we’ve decided to go to the municipality of Burgos and searched for one of its falls.

When we got there, I asked some locals if there are good falls in their town. According to a tricycle driver, there are two falls nearby – Tanap-Avis and Kaangrian. He said, Kaangrian is more beautiful but farther and need much time on foot (about 12 kilometers away), while Tanap-Avis is smaller but nearer. It was then decided that we go to Tanap-Avis. Tricycle fare is 100 pesos from town proper for two passengers. We also add another 100 pesos to the driver to make him as our tour guide.

From the municipality, we rode going to Barangay Tanap. We endured rough terrain after 10 minutes on the paved road. After 15 minutes of travel by tricycle, we started to walk and climb. There isn’t much climbing except on a hill that even inexperienced climber can climb.

The clean, turquoise water complement the vegetation of the surroundings.

The clean, turquoise water complement the vegetation of the surroundings (Tanap-Avis Falls, Burgos, Ilocos Norte)

While we walk, I chatted with Mang Zenith (yup, Zenith is his name, short for Arzenith). He is a Burgos native and his living as tricycle driver and guides for decades. A few minutes later, we passed by a water canal. Mang Zenith said the canal serves as irrigation for the rice fields. There is also black/blue pipe beside the canal which provides water for residents. The water level is low at that time: the water there is overflowing during the rainy season. He asked us why of all the time, we chose to go there during out of season. We felt a bit discouraged, thinking that we’ll face the same fate as we visited Abang Falls.

Even after a holiday, the cleanliness is maintained along the way to the falls, maybe because the place is isolated and still unknown to many tourists. As we finished walking a dirt path, we need to step into the large boulders of rocks (maybe they’re limestone) to reach the looked-for falls.

And when we got there, it was like, wow. I admit I underestimated the beauty of the falls. The clean, turquoise water complement the vegetation of the surroundings. The basin is shallow, but the part where the waterfalls is quite deep. The falls is undeniably very rewarding place after a long walk. Our photos were taken there surely can’t contain the elegance and tranquility of the falls and its ambiance. All I can say is go there to believe it.

From Burgos Town Proper, a tricycle can be rented for PhP100. They will take you up to the drop-off point. It is recommended that you also take the guidance of the driver so that you may not get lost and to ensure that you have a vehicle on your return (because only a few passed through this road). The Tourism office (at the town hall) can also be visited for further guidance.


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