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Callao Cave Eco-Tourism Zone, Peñablanca, Cagayan 7

Peñablanca: Captivating Callao Cave

I first saw the Callao Cave in our elementary school textbooks, so when we were given a chance to go here our senses were captivated by its hidden beauty. No wonder why this became a primary and famous natural tourist...

Ambulong Cave 3

San Jose: Glittering Ambulong Cave

From Buri Island (aka Grace Island) we took a boat going to Ambulong proper. The boat is just small enough to accommodate seven of us but the trip took more than 30 minutes. The high waves brought by the Amihan...

View of Ligang Cave from the boat 3

Quezon: Rediscovering Tabon Cave

At exactly six in the morning, we went on our voyage from Narra towards the town of Quezon. The travel takes about an hour and most of the roads are unpaved. It is a small town and the primary source...