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Kakegawa Castle (掛川城, Kakegawa-jō), Shizouka, Japan 1

Kakegawa: Hilltop Castle of Kakegawa (掛川城)

The Kakegawa Castle (掛川城, Kakegawa-jō)  is a hilltop castle that can be found in Kakegawa City, at Shizouka Prefecture. Unlike most castles in Japan, the Kakegawa Castle is slightly smaller in size. But despite of its build, this castle can...

Hamamatsu Castle (浜松城 Hamamatsu-jō), Hamamatsu, Japan 2

Hamamatsu: The Black Castle of Hamamatsu (浜松城)

Another hilltop castle (浜松城 Hamamatsu-jō) can be found standing on a small park accessible by a short bus ride from Hamamatsu Station. One of the most distinguished feature of the castle is the black paint on the castle keep. Though it...

Osaka Castle, 大阪城, Ōsakajō, Osaka, Japan 0

Osaka: Exploring Osaka Castle (大阪城)

One of the most famous landmarks of any major Japanese city is their historic pre-Meiji-era castle. Being in Osaka, we wasted no time visiting is its own castle, the Osaka Castle (大阪城, Osaka-jo). We made our trip quite early, at...