San Vicente: Alimanguan Beach Rock Formation

Located in San Vicente’s coastline, the rocks here have the formation that looks like Kraken shells which seem to have a monster lurking beneath it. These are some igneous rocks that were formed from lava that has cooled off. And this rock was sculpted over time by the sea waves. But we’re no expert with the geologic formation that we spent much time in taking photos of it.

It can be found in Alimanguan Beach in the shores of San Vicente. An islet here called the Lion’s Head is very noticeable. But because of high tide and strong waves, I was unable to went near the islet. Instead, I just concentrated at the rock formation.

Alimanguan is just a segment of the famous Long Beach of San Vicente. It is said to be the longest beach in the Philippines as it covers up to 14 kilometers of coastline. Not far from the beach are some boats, implying that the primary livelihood of the locals is fishing. After some minutes of walking along its ivory sand beach, we packed up and returned to Roxas. While we’re sad that we only spent a short time here, I would be making sure that when I return here I would be greeted by no other than Godzilla (hehe).


  • From Puerto Princesa, take a Shuttle Van or Mini-bus going to San Vicente or Port Barton. Upon reaching the town you can walk towards the beach.
  • You can hire a tricycle to fetch you to the beach you wanted. The trip from opposite ends of the beach by tricycle would take about 20 minutes.


  • While Puerto Princesa North Road is a cement road, the town’s roads are unpaved dirt roads so brace yourself for a 20 minute bumpy ride. Travel is a challenge during heavy rains.
  • Because of the popularity of the Long Beach, the local government is planning to have an airport transferred here. Land values here jumped high when this news came out.


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