Nagoya: Wandering Around Sakae District

Located two kilometers east of Nagoya Station, this downtown district is surrounded with a department stores and a variety of shops. And due to its close proximity with our Conference venue, this became our place to hang out during our stay.

Oasis 21, one of the newest landmarks in the city (behind it is the Nagoya Tower; Nagoya, Japan)

Oasis 21, one of the newest landmarks in the city (behind it is the Nagoya Tower; Nagoya, Japan)

During our first visit we were impressed with this futuristic building. This is one of the newest landmarks in Nagoya, being opened to the public in 2002. This mall has a clothing store, food court, bus terminal and an events place inside which is dubbed the “Milky Way Square”. There are also variety of anime and manga stores in it and we didn’t waste our opportunity visiting one of them.

During that time, the series “Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin” was very popular, and the store is filled with merchandises from the said series. Merchandises from Bleach and Naruto are also available. At the rooftop named the “Water Spaceship” roof, its fiber lass roofing is filled with water and lights. As night approaches, people slowly swarms the area and among them are students still in their uniforms. The top floors are open space, and the incoming breeze are refreshing especially during evenings. It also gives viewers majestic view where almost the entire district can be seen.

This is the first landmark in Nagoya, constructed in 1954 as the first television tower to be constructed in Japan. It has a height of 180 meters and has an observation deck 100 meters above ground. Because of its height, the tower can be seen in the entire district. There is an entrance fee of ¥700. We haven’t went to the Observation Deck because (it is not free, hehe) it is located as high as the roofdeck of Oasis 21.

A shopping and entertainment complex. One of its most distinguishable features is the 52-meter tall ferris wheel at its side which is called the “Sky Boat”. From the Oasis 21 rooftop, the buildings of Sunshine Sakae and its ferris wheel can be seen.

Occupying two blocks in Sakae, it is owned by Mitsukoshi. Most of the stores in this 11-storey department stores are boutiques, restaurants, thrift stores, and some fashion and lifestyle shops. We spend much time here because of its large record bar. We noticed how much support the Japanese people are giving to their own music industry. Though there is a small section dedicated for western artists, the number of Japanese records are overwhelming. The excitement seen in the faces of Veah and Acie (lead guitarist and drummer of the band) cannot be explained upon seeing the records of their favorite bands such as Uverworld and OneOKRock. We also seized our opportunity to listen to The Gazette and Alice Nine in the Metal and Visual Kei category. And take note, no sales lady will come beside you as you listen to the music in their portable players.

Sakae is a five minute subway ride (Higashiyama Line to Sakae Station or Sakuradori Line to Hisayaodori Station, 200 yen) or a 20-30 minute walk east of Nagoya Station.

Oasis21: Free
Nagoya Tower Observation Deck: ¥700



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