Pililla: Feel the Breeze at Pililla Wind Farm

No need to travel far north of Luzon just to see tall windmills when there is already a wind farm near Manila.

Pililla Windfarm is located at Barangay Halayhayin, Municipality of Pililla, near the southern tip of Rizal Province bordering Laguna. The place was chosen by the Department of Energy to be the site for a wind farm project due to its very high wind resources (obviously). In fact, the strength of the wind there caused delay of the construction by the project awardee, Alternergy Philippine Holdings Corporation (APHC) several times.

You may ask, why is Pilillia in Rizal such a great wind location? Here is Alternergy’s answer:

“Pililla rings Laguna de Bay and is part of a natural wind corridor created by the unique geographical features surrounding the lake — including Taal mountains and its proximity to the sea.
Based on average monthly wind speed data, Pililla’s windspeed can be as high as 36km/h. Now that’s a lot of wind!
Pililla is near Metro Manila, the country’s largest electricity demand area. This means the electricity generated by this wind farm only needs to travel a short distance to be consumed, ensuring all the electricity generated here will be used without grid constraint or transmission loss.”

While traversing Manila East Road, we can already see from the town of Teresa the windmills at the top of the mountain range. 27 turbines are ideally oriented there to capture northeast winds from October to March. Each of them stand 125 meters long and around 300 meters above sea level.

Already popular to the bikers for its challenging slopes, the place gained more reputation from visitors as the wind mills started to operate.

Standing at the viewing deck of Pililla Windfarm, you may see the the whole Laguna de Bay and some of the towns surrounding it. Visitors center was also placed there wherein the graphic information of the windfarm and how it is constructed were displayed. There are also refreshment stores, clean restrooms, and wide parking space.
Souvenir items were also sold by some of the residents which are like replicas of what are being sold at Bangui (just replace the name to Pililla, and voila!).

Since it was already dusk when we got there, we took the most of the time there until 6 PM to capture the sunset and our silhouettes as well.

If travelling to Laguna via Manila East Road and want some side-trips, it is highly recommended to include Pililla Windfarm on your itinerary. Aside from being free and open to public, you will be in awe to the scenery of the windmills as they harness the power of wind to gain renewable energy.


No entrance fee
Viewing hours: 6 AM – 6 PM


  • Private
    Travel along the Manila East Road going to Pililla town. Before approaching the town proper, go straight the highway climb to Mabitac. On the left side, there is a way to the windfarm’s visitors center.
  • Commute
    Ride a jeep going to Tanay. Then, ride another jeep routing to Jala-Jala. Ask the driver to drop you to Barangay Halayhayin. Then, contract for a tricycle going to windfarm.

In 1583, the Pilang Morong was made into an independent municipality and was given an official name, “Pililla”. The name was derived from neighboring town of Pila in Laguna which means “small Pila”.
Pililla was once a part of two provinces — Tondo and Laguna.


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