Sipalay: Perth Paradise Resort

One of the most photographed resorts in Sipalay is Perth Paradise Resort. It is due to its favorable topography of Sipalay — the unspoiled islets are scattered to its blue-green waters. Its picturesque view is best seen at the hilltop of the resort. Perth’s infinity pool also complements to the already Instagram-worthy view of the place.

It is located at Sitio Sambulawan, Barangay 4, and just a kilometer away from the town proper. The road going there isn’t paved yet, you might not expect that it will lead you to the city’s best resorts.

Upon entering the gate, there’s a receiving area wherein you can choose activities you like such as kayak, scuba diving, island hopping, and jet ski. Its canteen is also there to provide you some short-order meals. There we met Alden, the manager of the resort. He is friendly and very accommodating. In fact, he treated us a meal and fruit shake :). He is entrusted to take care of the place by the owner which is also his family relative. Before, it was just a simple rest house. But when it was seen to have a business potential especially the times where many were going there for scuba diving, it was finally made it into a resort. It was named by the owner to a well-known city of Australia.

What is unique to Perth among the other resorts nearby is its infinity pool at the hilltop. You need more than a hundred steps to get there. After shedding some sweat, you can finally dip and relax in the pool while enjoying the pristine scenery. The pool is not that deep so even kids can swim there. There’s also a view deck on the rooftop for a more breathtaking 360 view.

For an overnight stay, the resort has rooms available.

It’s a shame that we’re just there for a day tour and have no time to see the sunset view. For sure it will be a couple of times more awesome than our daytime shots. Nonetheless, it’s worth it as we experienced the place’s relaxing and serene ambiance.


  • Commute
    From Bacolod, ride Ceres Bus or van bound to Sipalay (250 km., 5 hours, and P210 fare via bus; 2-3 hours and P250 fare via van). Upon reaching the town proper, ride a tricycle going to the resort.
  • Private
    Roam the road to Sipalay. From town proper, go straight to Barangay 4 or ask for locals the resort’s location.


  • Entrance:
    Adult – P80
    Kids – P50

Day Tour Time:
7 am – 5 pm


  • Family Room – P4,000
  • Standard Room – P2500
  • Cabana – P1,300
  • Floating Cottage – P700
  • Regular Cottage – P500


  • Kayak – P250/Hr
  • Island Hopping – P1500/3 hrs, Max 6 pax
  • Jetski – P4500/Hr
  • Snorkel – P250/Hr


  • Alden Del Carmen (Resort Manager)



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  1. Alyssa says:

    Wow! Such a wonderful place.

  2. DannySanchez says:

    Such a wonderful place to visit with. One of the finest place here in Sipalay. Hope this place may conserve and beautify as well. Hope to visit it with my friends.

  3. Anonymous says:

    #Samantha Jungco, ari sya hoo

  4. Koola says:

    The place is very scenic. It looks so fascinating! Love to visit it next time I go to Bacolod. Thanks for this blog also 🙂

  5. how to make reservation there?

  6. Karen says:

    Literally a paradise on Earth. So Serene and peaceful. Amazing rooms and very budget friendly.

  7. Jacky says:

    We go island hopping here, it is adventurous and cheap.

  8. chelz says:

    Is your snorkel and kayak per pax?

  9. Anonymous says:

    hi, do you know where van are located? is it in the ceres terminal also? thanks.

  10. Jovelyn torres says:

    How to book floating catage for overnights in Jan.11 2020

  11. Ronalyn says:

    How to book a room for 2 adult 1kid and a baby

  12. Anonymous says:
  13. We can explore this resort

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