Manila: Harbor and Skyline at Manila Bay

I’d like to take photos of the Manila’s harbor and its skyline but I have no idea where I can do it. Unlike in Hong Kong where I can take either shore from the opposite side of the harbor. When our friend Lhordy invited us to shoot here, the wandering sheeps took the opportunity to go.

From LRT we went to Manila Yacht Club by jeep. We were so disappointed that we were refused entrance to the port, even with us having a letter. Seems that we don’t look like we owned a yacht.

Nevertheless, we just walked along Roxas Blvd in search of the best view of the harbor until we reached the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). We turned right and we discovered a park, called Asean Garden as well as a popular food court named Harbour Square along the boulevard. Some locals are fishing there. We went straight until we went to a breakwater. Since the place is private property we just asked permission from a guard named Mark so we can take some photo. We were granted permission and we hurriedly set our position and take photos as the sun is setting fast.

Because it is cloudy we weren’t able to take a photo of the magnificent sunset. Instead, we focused on taking photos of the harbor. From our place, we can see the Marina as well as some famous buildings like the Bangko Sentral (Central Bank), Philippine Navy, Ospital ng Maynila (Manila Hospital) and various hotels with bay views.

After an hour of clicking, we decided to go home. And because it is traffic and rush hour, we stayed for a while at the boulevard while enjoying the scent of the Manila Bay (hehe).


Roxas Boulevard, originally called Cavite Boulevard, was renamed Dewey Boulevard in honor of the American Admiral George Dewey, famous for his victory against the Spanish in the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898. During the Japanese occupation, it was again renamed “Heiwa Boulevard” (Peace Boulevard) in late 1941. The road got its current name, Roxas Boulevard, during the 1960s in honor of the President Manuel Roxas, the fifth President of the Republic of the Philippines.

The Boulevard was part of the great master plan of Manila designed by Architect Daniel Burnham, who is also known for making masterplans of a number of cities including Chicago, San Francisco, and downtown Washington D.C. At the request of Commissioner William Cameron Forbes, Burnham visited the country in 1905 at the height of the City Beautiful movement, a trend in the early 1900s America for making cities beautiful along scientific lines, for the future development of Manila and Baguio City.

Manila Bay Harbor

Manila Bay Harbor

There are lots of garbages stacked and clumped together along the breakwater, making it too polluted for swimming. I don’t know who is the responsible agency for maintaining cleanliness of the bay but it is very ironic that there is a number of yachts owned by the rich that are docked here.


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