San Jose: Lininob Point in Ambulong

It is a challenge for the wandering sheeps on how to perfectly capture the entire beauty of Grace Island (aka Buri Island). So we thought of hiking at the Lininob Point just opposite the island.
Upon arriving at Grace Island I talked to a boatman who knows how to climb the place. From the island we rode a small boat to go the opposite side which is 400 meters away.

There is a small community who can be seen segregating seaweeds. We learned that this is one of their livelihoods aside from fishing. We asked permission to pass through and proceeded to the trail.

After almost 400 meters of walking beside the shoreline we finally reached the base of the trek. There is a small stopover here as there has been a water well dug beside it. From here we started the climb. The summit of Lininob Point has a height of about 100 meters and its lack of visible trail makes it a challenging climb. Some parts are cornered and very steep. Then we noticed a dangling rope that we used in climbing. Grasses were also sharp and covering some pathways. Sometimes we have to go through the branches and tall grasses just to proceed, and fortunately we have bolos to cut them off as we pass through.

After almost thirty minutes climb we finally reached the summit. At the top is a very rewarding view as we can see the entire Buri Island, Lininob Rock, Bognao Inlet, Pabugan Point, Ambulong Cove and the Sulu Sea where large ships are sailing. We just arrived at the right season as the island is very green and compliments with the turquoise sea. The tall grasses and trees obscured our view of the Eastern Side, which we should have seen Mindoro and Ilin. We can hear the different sounds of birds that intensifies the surrounding.

A little later we heard rustling sounds in the bush beside us. They were actually woodsmen passing by here, that’s why there are dangling ropes along our way.

It’s almost eleven noontime and the weather is becoming too hot, and as there has been no much shade we decided to go down. Going down is also as challenging as going up. But you can slowly slide down with caution as long as you have something to hold on.

Upon arriving the island I found my shorts being full of thorns and small twigs. I also found my feet with scratch wounds which I didn’t notice during our climb. But it is a worthwhile experience especially on the view from the summit. And the mouthwatering seafood lunch finally took away my exhaustion.

UPDATE: Read my blog regarding our second trek for sunset


  • LININOB POINT is a point in Ambulong and is situated between Buri Island and Odol Point.
  • Grace Island to Ambulong Shoreline – 400 meters (banka)
    Shoreline to start ng trek – 450 meters
    Ascend to Summit – 200 meters

During clear weather, you can see from the summit the island of Coron, Palawan. There is a boat trip from San Jose to Coron but the trip lasts from four to six hours.


  • Bring drinking water (at least 2 liters)
  • Also bring plastic to cover electronic devices as protection against salt water


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