Maragondon: Kaynipa Cove Awaits to be Discovered

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite

Caylabne, Puerto Azul, and Boracay de Cavite. These are just some of the beautiful beaches that can be found in the town of Ternate. But yet, there is one small cove that is just waiting to be discovered: the Kaynipa Cove. Among its features are its breathtaking view, fine white sands, and gentle waves. But what sets this beach apart from the other beaches is its affordability, as well as it is (currently) being secluded.

The beach is actually not part of our itinerary because we originally intended to go to El Fraile (Fort Drum). But the unrelenting weather did not allow us to go and reach the historic fortress.

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

You can pitch a tent for overnight stay (Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Ivory sand of the beach (Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite

We left the small barrio of Patungan (Brgy Mercedes) early in the morning on a small fishing boat. Like in our previous expeditions, Mang Victor is our guide. The seas were calm at the start, but as we go further from the shore the seas slowly went wild. Fearing that the strong waves would eventually ‘crush’ our boat, we were advised to abort and return to shore. Trusting with the man with more than thirty years experience on the open sea, we followed his advice, and at the same time dismayed with the unpredictable weather. But we’re offered a consolation: he told us of a cove where we can dock.

Even from the distance, we can see a tiny strip of white sandy shore. When we reached the shore, we were further amazed and appreciated its beauty. But the first thing that we noticed is its quietness.

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Aerial view of the beach (Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite)


The beach is located in Barangay Sapang and is situated between the famous Caylabne Beach Resort and Boracay de Cavite. The cliffs and the lush green forest that surrounds the beach compliments its breathtaking view. And being inside the cove, the waves coming here are calm which makes swimming ideal. It still has ivory sands and clean water, considering its proximity to the Manila Bay.  Its serene environment gives you a feeling of being touched by nature. At one end of the cove are rocky terrains and rock formation that was carved by nature since long ago. A perfect place for snorkeling.

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Rock formation at the northern end of the cove Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Aside from our group, a couple was also here enjoying its beauty. They pitched a tent and they were staying here for two days when we met them. And of course, we did bathe on its waters and enjoyed the beach to the fullest.

At the distance the El Fraile, Corregidor and Bataan are visible. But we regret not staying overnight to witness the beautiful sunset.

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Close-up shot of the rock formation (Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite)


Aside from the constructed cottages, the only other man-made structure here is the house of Aling Toying. It has already been her home since childhood, and usually, their only source of income is through her husband’s fishing. Thankfully, the visitors are giving them additional income. And being the only human inhabitants, they are the ones keeping cleanliness and order on the beach. With a Marine base just nearby, they can call their help when direly needed (and they are discouraging visitors from bringing liquors, and she doesn’t want being photographed. 🙁 )

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

An eagle soaring above the lush forest of the cove (Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite)

We didn’t have proper breakfast, but Aling Toying prepared meals for us. The island lacked any stores but they have stocks of canned goods and other foods. At PhP300, she satisfied our six grumbling stomachs. We only asked for corned beef, but she added eggs and daing as a bonus. She also waived our cottage rent. She also allowed us to pick some fruits from the adjacent coconut trees so we may have something to drink.

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Aling Toying’s prepared brunch (Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite)

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

It’s no wonder why it has been a favorite stopover by the fishermen and is often visited, it is because of the residents’ hospitality (Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite)


If you want a quiet, secluded place and be in touch with nature, the Kaynipa Cove is waiting for you to be discovered.

This is also perfect for the budget-conscious, given the higher cost of staying in Caylabne and Puerto Azul. Meanwhile, the Boracay de Cavite or Katungkulan Cove is not open to the public, being a training ground for the Marines.

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Aerial view of Kaynipa, Marine base (center) and Carabao Island at the right side. Drone shot by Buknoy (Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite)


Take the bus going to Ternate-Maragondon and get off at the town of Ternate. From here you have two travel options:

  1. Rent a tricycle and tell the driver to get you off at Kaynipa (c/o Aling Toying). The one-way fare costs PhP300, good for 4. Note: Get the driver’s cell phone number so you can call him/her when you need to go back.
  2. Rent a boat on a public beach of Ternate. The rate ranges from PhP1,200 to PhP2,000 depending on the boat’s size and the distance to be traveled.

Note: Lacking any direct road connections, the cove lacks any parking. So it’s advisable to park at Ternate and follow either the two options.

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

The mighty fortress of El Fraile (Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite)


  • 250 – Cottage Fee


  • Aling Toying’s Contact Number: (0998) 270 4336
Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

Looking for the perfect spot to dive and snorkel (Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite)

Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite;

The gang enjoying the cool waters of the sea at the nearby canyon ridge (Kaynipa Cove, Ternate, Cavite)


Patungan Cove, Sta. Mercedes, Maragondon, Cavite

Patungan Cove, Sta. Mercedes, Maragondon, Cavite

Pico de Loro, Mt. Palay-Palay, Maragondon, Cavite, Mountains, Hike, Mountaineer, Outdoor

Pico de Loro, Mt. Palay-Palay, Maragondon, Cavite


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  1. Yumi says:

    Hi! Nagpaparent po ba sila ng Tent? And how much entrance? Salamat!

  2. Elena andrada says:

    Hi magknu cottage wd aircon for 2 nights

  3. Tupang Gala says:

    Good day! P250/day ang cottage. Wala silang aircon room pero pwede kang mag pitch ng tent.

  4. Elmer San Jose says:

    Hi Tupang Gala,

    I love reading your blogs especially the images of your destinations. Lately, I went to Patungan Cove after being influenced by one of your post. The beach was nice, there were a lot of people though since it’s Holy Week and it was jellyfish season at that time so the waters were kind of itchy. If there is something that highlights my experience it would definitely be the nice locals there. The people of Patungan Cove are very nice and caring to their tourist. So overall, I still enjoyed it.

    I’m planning to go to Kaynipa by next month or perhaps on June. Is it accessible by land? or do I still have to ride a boat? Do they have proper toilets? I’m really interested with the details. Feel free to contact me through my Email. Who knows? Maybe we can do these adventures together?

  5. Rod says:

    Hi ask ko lang po if kung may motor kami. Need padin po ba ang mag rent ng tricycle paponta sa location. At safe din po ba ang parking. Ty.

  6. Rod says:

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    2. Kung may tent kami dala may bayad din po ba.?
    3. Parking fee.?

  7. Lloyd says:

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  8. Louise says:

    hi sir thank you sa blogs mo, galing po kami sa kaynipa cove with my family. we enjoy it a lot. thanks po ulit sa pag guide and have a nice day.. looking forward to more travel stories u will share

  9. Maye Halpern says:

    Hi, pwede po bang mag fishing dito sa Kaynipa Cove or sa Patungan Cove of Marigondon? Kailangan ho bang mag rent ng boat para makapag fishing or pwedeng walang boat? Ano ano pong isda and meron dito? Salamat po.

  10. Tupang Gala says:

    @Louise, thank you. We’re glad your family enjoy it!
    @Maye, di po namin nasubukan mangisda, pero pwede pong magfishing gamit ang bangka

  11. Sheryl says:

    Pahingi po contact no.please.
    Magkano po entrance…at cottage?

  12. Drone says:

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  15. Tupang Gala says:

    Hi. sorry yan lang po ang available na binigay sa amin na contact number

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi! my reservation po ba ito…

  17. Diane says:

    Hi ask ko lang ung sa boat po na 1200-2000 balikan na po ba iyon?? Thank you tska if may dala kaming tent pwede po ba yon wlang charges?

  18. Bechay says:

    How do you get there by private car? And pwede ba mag tent out doon

  19. Anonymous says:

    hi!ask ko lang po kung need pa namin mag boat papuntang kaynipa kung may van naman po thanks.

  20. Tupang Gala says:

    Good day,
    @Diane – yun pong 2000 ay balikan na, may bayad po na 150 sa tent
    @Bechay – yes pde pong mag tayo ng tent
    @Anon – yes po, kailangangang mag boat dahil walang connected road papunta sa cove

  21. Marghie says:

    Hi tupang gala..may latest no.po ba kayo ni aling Toying..tnx..

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi , open pa po ba to ?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hello. Baby friendly ba ito?

  24. Tupang Gala says:

    Sorry, hindi po baby-friendly ito

  25. Elena says:

    Good day, thanks for the blog, we enjoy our visit last month. Very serene and secluded.

  26. Bethlehem Tuazon Dela Cruz says:

    Hi Tupang Gala!

    Ask ko lang contact person or guide here? Thanks much!

  27. Aldrin torres says:

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  30. Tupang Gala says:

    Sorry wala na po kaming updated number sa kaynipa

  31. Bryan says:

    Hello good day inquire po till watime po ung boat ride available papnta wla po kasi ako makita ng schedule ng bangka we actualy wanted to be overnyt visit pls reply

  32. Tupang Gala says:

    Wala pong schedule ng boat ride. Depende po sa pakikipagusap nyo sa bangkero.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Hi good day kung meron po kami sarili sasakyan na dala kailangan pa den po ba namin mag boat papunta sa Cove??? siguro 2 sasakyan kme mga nsa 30 katao kami at ano un cottages na available for day tour? Thank you sa sagot.. Waiting here! Plan namin ngaun may 1,2019

  34. Tupang Gala says:

    pwede pong mag sasakyan pero mahirap po ang parking at kailangan nyong magtrek ng 30-mins pababa sa beach. wala pong direct road papunta sa beach

  35. Diana Rodrigo says:

    Hello po, may mapaglulutuan po ba dyan? and ideal po ba na kapag galing ng bus station is mag lalakad na lang papunta mismo sa beach. Yun po kasi yung sinabi samin. Pupunta po kami dyan sa May 13. Salamat po and super thank you sa information nyo about this cove.

  36. Anonymous says:

    good morning po.. tatanong ko lang po kung ilang minutes po kapag nilakad from highway papunta ng kaynipa beach??
    may dala po kase kaming sariling sasakyan and plano po namen na pumunta bukas May6,2019 for family outing ..
    maraming salamat po sa napaka gandang Info about sa kaynipa cove..

  37. Tupang Gala says:

    nasa 30 minutes po na trek mula sa main road

  38. Vhiee says:

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    Tatanong ko lang, available prin po ba ung Kaynipa Cove as of today?
    Balak po sana namin puntahan this Saturday.
    Thank you po.

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    hello po plan po namin pumunta jan this coming july 8 to 9 6 kami magakkasama ng kaibgan ko! FIRST TIME namin mag outing 😀 available naman po ba siya that day????

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    Hi what if mag motor kami, safe po ba parking? And wala po bang hidden charges pagbaba ng dagat? Kumbaga cottage fee lang which is 250? May tent din kasi na dala for 2pax lang then

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