Bamban: Goshen Resort, A Glimpse of Rome in Tarlac

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Aerial shot of the resort (Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac)

A resort and hotel with European (mainly Greco-Roman) inspired architecture located in Bamban, Tarlac. Situated in 4-hectare of secluded grounds, the resort is originally developed just for holding events of a Christian evangelical group. Though it was yet to be formally opened it was already made famous thanks to the social media, and the still-unfinished resort was opened to the public in 2017.

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Enter in His Gate (Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac)

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Perfect for pre-nup (Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac)

Today, the resort is open to anyone seeking for a quick slip away from the hustling and bustling city life. It takes only 15-20 minutes of travel from Clark International Airport or just under two hours from Manila.

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Europe in a budget (Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac)

The main highlight of the site is a coliseum named “Dambana ni Yahweh” (Shrine of Yahweh) that resembles the much larger Colosseum in Rome. You will surely enjoy being here, being a perfect place for a photo op. In fact, we were with two other group taking pre-nuptial photoshoots at the same moment.

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

This is not Sparta (Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac)

The site also offers other amenities like pools adorned with Roman columns. There are also chalets and villas that can be rented for those who want to stay. And for the adventurous, they also have an ATV for rent.

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Roman statues (Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac)

The PhP100 entrance fee for a day tour is worth it for your complete enjoyment. You can spend a little more cash on consumables if you want to chill in their Café Roma.
If you want to savor or see Rome and other Roman-inspired architecture without going further, this is your best choice. While discovering the place, you will be refreshed by the serenity and unique charm it offers.

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Bamban’s version of Amphitheatrum Flavium at night (Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac)


  • Entrance Fee:
    • 100 – (Day Tour only, consumable at the Café Roma)
    • 250 – (Day Tour with Pool Access)
    • Kids 3 years old below are Free
  • Time:
    • Day Tour/Swimming – 9am-4pm
    • Night Swimming – 4pm-12 midnight

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

  • Cottage Rates:
    • Small Patio – PhP500 (4 pax)
    • Umbrella Type – PhP1,200 (6-8 pax)
    • Cabana – PhP2,000 (8-10 pax)
    • Cabana Garden – PhP2,500 (10-15 pax)
    • Patio Garden, Grand Gazebo – PhP3,000 (15-20 pax)
  • ATV Rates:
    • P1,000 (2/pax with driver) – short trail (20mins. – 30mins.)
    • P3,000 (2/pax with driver) – medium trail (1hr. – 1hr 30mins.)
    • P5,000 (2/pax with driver) – long trail (3hrs. – hotspring)
Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

  • Hotel Rates:
    • Resort Suite – P5,000 (4-6 pax)
    • Family Room – P5,000 (4-10 pax)
    • Penthouse – P10,000 (4-8 pax)
    • Standard Room – P3,000 (2-4 pax)
    • Deluxe Family Room – P8,000 (8-20 pax)
    • Presidential Suite – P16,000 (12-20 pax)
    • Bunk House (Double Deck Beds) – P8,000 (16-20 pax)
Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Cafe Roma (Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac)

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Cafe Roma Almond Cake (Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac)


Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac


  • Private: 
    Take NLEX going to Sta. Ines Exit. From Sta. Ines, go straight to Mabalacat Town Proper, then take the MacArthur Highway going to Bamban. The landmark is the Bamban bridge and at its end is the road leading to the grotto. Turn left going to the grotto and take the 900 meter road to the resort.
  • Public
    Ride a bus (VIA DAU Terminal). Drop off to Dau terminal. Ride a jeep heading Capas or Bamban route (fare: 25pesos/head). Tell the driver to drop you off in BAMBAN GROTTO (“Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine”). Take a tricycle straight to Goshen Resort (70pesos one way).
Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

As a Christian blogger, I admired with their unconventional concept that they made. I and my accompanying flock wondered why the structure was called “Dambana ni Yahweh”, for it resembled the Colosseum where ironically it was the site of severe persecution and martyrdom of the early Christians. I guess, it was just a symbolism, or they just can’t think of a better name for such beautiful architecture, or the martyrdom of the early Christians are sacrifice for the Dambana ni Yahweh (you may decide which of these are the reason for having such a name, or you can just personally go to the site… hehe)

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac

Goshen Resort, Bamban, Tarlac


Isdaan Floating Restaurant, Gerona, Tarlac

Isdaan Floating Restaurant, Gerona, Tarlac



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  1. Maricar says:

    I loved the place it was so relaxing been there for a visit but next time I will make sure that I will spend time in there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do you have a pavillion or an events place here in Goshen?

  3. Tupang Gala says:

    Yes they have halls/function rooms for events

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Tupang Gala says:

    Yes po. Pwedeng mag-overnight

  6. Eemy says:

    what is included in the hotel family package for 4-10 pax?

  7. Tupang Gala says:

    kindly contact the resort mam

  8. Rachel says:

    Hi Good Day,

    is there’s a place for a wedding?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hanggang anong oras po kaya ang operations nila?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Magkano po kapag overnight?

  11. Sonia bantug says:

    Pano po kung whole day tpos overnyt din po?additional entrance po ba para sa overnyt?kahit magrrent ng room?

  12. Leonora relato says:

    Hi. Is the prices stillthe same?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Magkano po ang room pang dalawang tao po over night.

  14. Nicky says:

    Hi. Ask ko lang po mgkano room for 2 pax pg overnight and may mga inclusions po ba un?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi po my restaurant ba inside the resort? Or pwde mgdala ng food if ever? Thanks

  16. mhel says:

    how much will it cost if 1 day and 1 night.
    for 2 pax.

  17. Tupang Gala says:

    Please contact the resort management for that matter. Thank you!

  18. Anthony says:

    May entrance po b dito and how much?

  19. Conrado Domingo says:

    Open ba kau Sa Sunday..

  20. Conrado Domingo says:

    Open at Sunday

  21. Jerry says:

    Open ba kayo ng dec 24 – 25.

  22. Carla says:

    Is the Family Room or Penthouse or Deluxe Family Room available on Dec. 30-Jan 1 (2 nights 3 days) ? Thanks

  23. Anonymous says:

    Magkano po entrance fee?

  24. nefthalie carlos says:

    Open po b kyo on Sunday(09Feb2020) day your. Allowed po b pet(small dog). Thanks

  25. nefthalie carlos says:

    Day tour.

  26. Gcel says:

    Hi po. Pwede po ba jan mag pre debut pictorial? Pwede po pasend ng details.

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