Dipaculao: Ampere Rock Formation

A natural landmark located in Dipaculao, Aurora. The waves hitting the shore and the rock formation and the striking sun rays are a sight to behold. Compared to other beaches in Aurora, the shoreline are rocky with what looked like large pebbles. Though not an ideal place for swimming, it is still a perfect place to chill, relax, or just to sit down and watch the wonderful scenery.
It is half an hour away from Baler, the center of Aurora, and is only almost 10 minutes from our lodging in Dipaculao Town Proper. It is already visible from the highway, and it’s no mystery that many are stopping by just to watch its beauty.

We went here early that we were able to witness the sunrise. There aren’t any much human activity, so the place is quiet except for the rustling waves and the few rumbling of the vehicles that pass by. The stones are pretty large that resembles huge panghilod.

It is said that there is a cave behind it, but due to the large waves, access to it is difficult. Nevertheless, we just let our drone, aka Cheska, to fly and see its distinct beauty from a different perspective and from above.

Our short time admiring its beauty is worthwhile. And while observing the rocks, breeze, and waves, you would just realize your stress slowly being blown away temporarily.

Aside from sightseeing, there aren’t any other activities, except if you want to balance a rock tower. But if you want to stay, you can stay at Casa Milagrosa, which also has a pool that you can swim.

After a short while, we decided to go to our next destination – the Coco Plantation Resort, not so far away.


  • Make your visit early if passing by here, there are no cottages that can shield you from the sun’s searing heat.
  • There’s a narrow path which you can go down to the shoreline at the southern tip near the bridge.
  • If you have a tent, you can pitch it here, just be careful of the strong wind.
  • There are stores nearby if you want snacks.


  • Free
    • Entrance – P30
      Entrance and Pool – P50
      Cottage – P300
      Aircon rooms – P 1800


  • Public:
    Ride a bus going to Casiguran or Borlongan and advise the driver or conductor to drop you to Ampere Rock Formation. The fare is worth P30 but you need to patiently wait since passenger buses are quite scarce there.
    If on a day tour, you may hire a tricycle from Baler. It’s advisable to ask stopovers on places perfect for selfies along the way to make the most out of the fare.
  • Private:
    From Baler, travel to Barangay Dibutunan along the Baler-Casiguran Road. It’s 20-kilometer trip from Baler, while a 7-kilometer trip from Dipaculao town proper.



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