Baler: A Quick Dip at Diguisit Falls

Surely you will never miss seeing this natural landmark, being clearly visible from the road. It is located just opposite of Diguisit beach, between the famous Dimadimalangat Rock formations and Aniao islets.

Coming from the PAGASA Weather Station and from going atop the lighthouse of Baler, we thought of having a quick bath as a relief from the hot weather. The cool waters of the falls make it very ideal.

There are only a few people at the falls when we came here. Due to the narrow path, you have to let first any people to go down before going on your turn. Lacking any established trail, we just followed the path of those who already climbed ahead. The trail is rocky, and we’re thankful that we arrived on dry weather, for surely it will be slippery and wet during rainy days.

We arrived at the fall’ drop point in less than ten minutes. Aside from a very few muddy portions, the waters are generally clear. We spotted three men enjoying their bath while being massaged by the cool waters. The basin is just pretty small that the presence of three men already makes the site look crowded.

The water comes from the Diguisit River at the mountain tops, and as expected, the waters are cool. After the men left, we took our turn in taking a dip. We did not stay very long, the waters are so cold that we are already shivering after a short dip.

The falls actually have other tiers upstream, but the imposed ban on climbing further up, we were unable to see it. Unlike other falls, the Diguisit Falls continue to flow even on harsh dry months, making it an ideal swimming destination, especially during summer.

The site lacks any comfort rooms or dressing rooms, we need to go to a nearby beach resort just to take a shower. In fact, this is the flocks’ second visit to the falls. During our first visit, we just had a peek. But when the opportunity arrived we went up to enjoy its cool waters.

While not being as grandiose as the Ditumabo Falls, the Diguisit Falls is just right for those wanting to swim or to relax. Or you can just stop by a road and see its beauty.



  • Public:
    From Cubao, ride a Genesis Bus or Joy Bus going to Baler (PhP600).
    After arriving at the town proper, take a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at the Diguisit Falls. There are no established transport routes so it’s recommended to rent a tricycle so you can visit other tourist spots as well.
  • Private:
    From the town proper, take the road going to Dicasalarin. Though it requires a 9-kilometer drive, the roads are concrete.


  • Dimadimalangat Rock Formations
  • Aniao Islets
  • PAG-ASA Baler Station
  • Baler Lighthouse
  • Dicasalarin Cove


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