Sta. Ana: Crocodile Island

Located almost 2 kilometers from San Vicente Port in Sta Ana, this island is situated between Luzon mainland and Palaui Island. This rocky islet is called by the locals as Manidad Island, but outside it is more known as the Crocodile Island. It is named because it is said to resemble like a crocodile when viewed from afar.

After having beach-hopping we were brought here by the boatman. Because of the imposed time limit due to the ongoing taping of the Survivor reality TV series at that time, we savored every second of our stay here. Its almost 10 in the morning when we arrived here and the sun is already high. There are no structures or trees that can be used as a shade so we have to endure the sun’s scorching heat. We arrived here during low tide thus its fine white sands is revealed. The opposite side of the island faces the Pacific Ocean and is constantly bombarded by strong waves. Though its surrounding waters are shallow, its seabed is covered by sea grass, making it difficult to determine its deep portions.

Atop the marble cliff, the mountain ranges of Northern Luzon as well as its nearby islands can be clearly seen. It is advisable to be very careful when climbing because some parts have sharp portions, and also avoid going at its edges. There are also plants and branches thriving here.

A little while later, we once again saw the TV show’s helicopter flying nearby, signifying the taping is about to begin. Though we want to stay a little bit longer, we have to leave as motorized boats will be forbidden to sail once the taping starts. Nevertheless, our short stay is more than enough because of the extraordinary views that the island offers.


  • Private
    Take the Cagayan-Manila North Road. Take note of its very long trip (650 kilometers taking about 13-15 hours). From Sta Ana take the road going to San Vicente Port. At the main road you can see the marker going to different beaches.
  • Commute
    Take the Florida Bus (Sampaloc terminal) going to Santa Ana (15 hrs) or take the bus going to Tuguegarao (13 hrs, 4 stops) and from here take the van going to Santa Ana.
    From the Santa Ana terminal, take the passenger van going to San Vicente Port.

From San Vicente Port, hire a boat going to Crocodile Island. The trip usually takes less than fifteen minutes on a fine weather.

When we arrived here some islands and beaches were off-limits to tourists so we were advised to rent a boat at the Nangaramoan beach. We paid PhP1,200 (six passengers) for more than five hours of beach hopping including the Crocodile Island.

Make sure to stop by the Santa Ana Market to buy your needs, as the stores in beach resorts have usually very limited goods.


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