Dipaculao: Coco Plantation’s Cool, Laid-back Life

In search of beach resorts not so hyped-up near Baler, we’ve discovered a private beach resort about 28 kilometers from town proper of Baler and is located at Barangay Dibutunan, Dipaculao. It was originally a rest house, formerly known as Aurora Beach Club. The place was formally opened for business in 2015 after some developments made there.

Coco Plantation Resort’s peaceful ambiance and the serene landscape is perfect after a long, tiring ride. The place was also used as a location for James Reid’s music video, depicting a carefree vibe.

From the Dipaculao town proper (where the flock stayed), we did a 16-kilometer ride to the resort while enjoying the scenic view offered by Ampere Rock Formation, Pebble Beach, Sierra Madre, and the boundless Pacific Ocean along the way.

We were welcomed by the towering coconut trees upon entering the resort as it was the center of 4-hectare coconut estate. Everything is going (coco)nuts from the mountainside to the seaside.

There are villas for those who want to stay, with prices differing from P5,000 to P12,000 per night. But if on a day-tour only, you’ll just pay an entrance fee for P150 per head, then set up a tent or rent a cottage. The houses there are made of native materials and most of them are using solar panels.

Facing the ocean is a saltwater infinity pool which is also the resort’s unique amenity compare to neighboring resorts. Beside it is a bigger saltwater pool that has a depth ranging from 2 to 6 feet. And if you had enough of saltiness, a freshwater pool is also available with its waters sourcing from mountain spring.

Though we went there on a holiday season, the place was far from being crowded.

What a laid-back environment there is at the resort. The gentle breeze from the sea is so good, stress from urban life will slowly but surely fade away. Supplementing the coolness of the place are the coconut trees which serve as shade from the sun.

Want to wander more? You may go down to the pebble beach and walk towards the rock formation. Most of the shoreline of Dipaculao are stony, so better to put your slippers on.


  • Don’t be discouraged by the resort’s front rates: you may enjoy the place as low as P150. You may bring a tent instead of spending additional for a cottage.
  • There’s a restaurant there, but we find it a bit expensive. Might as well bring your own food and drinks just like we did. Also, make sure to bring all of the necessities since the sari-sari stores are pretty far away.


  • Coco Suite (4-10 pax) – P10,000 (12,000 weekends)
  • Bamboo House (7-9 pax) – P5,000 (7,000 weekends)
  • Cabana (2-4 pax) – P5,000 (6,000 weekends)
  • Nipa Hut (10 max) – P1,500 (2,000 weekends)
  • Entrance Fee – P150 (Children below 3 feet are free)
  • Kayak Rental – P350


  • Private:
    From Baler, travel to Barangay Dibutunan along the Baler-Casiguran Road. It’s 28-kilometer trip from Baler, while a 16-kilometer trip from Dipaculao town proper. There’s a signage along the highway so it will be hard to miss the resort.
  • Public:
    Ride a bus going to Casiguran or Borlongan and advise the driver or conductor to drop you to Coco Plantation Resort. The fare is worth P50 but you need to patiently wait since passenger buses are quite scarce there.
    If on a day-tour, you may hire a tricycle from Baler worth P250 – P300 (one-way). It’s advisable to ask stopovers on places perfect for selfies along the way to make the most out of the fare.



  • Ampere Rock Formation (8.4 km)
  • Borlongan Beach (11 km)
  • Sabang Beach (28 km)


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  1. March 12, 2019

    […] Dipaculao: Coco Plantation’s Cool, Laid-back Life […]

  2. March 12, 2019

    […] Dipaculao: Coco Plantation’s Cool, Laid-back Life […]

  3. March 12, 2019

    […] Dipaculao: Coco Plantation’s Cool, Laid-back Life […]

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