Bangued: Calaba Bridge, Bridging Hope for Northwestern Abra

I remember the time when we went to Abra a few years ago; we wanted to go to La Paz and Lagayan and visit Lusuac Springs, and the only way to go there is to pass the Abra River. The Calaba Bridge was still under construction that time, so we, or rather we and our vehicle rode a ferry. It was a thrilling experience, though before, I’m a bit anxious on our safety as we wait for our vehicle to embark.

When we visit again the province, I felt glad for the Abra especially for the townspeople on the other side of the river when I saw that Calaba Bridge was completed because of the great convenience and progress it could bring to them. Imagine when there’s an emergency and they need to go to the capital, however, due to a storm, the river’s current will become impassable for them to travel.

As we’re passing through the almost a kilometer long bridge, we saw the vast mountain range of the region and the calm waters of Abra River. There’s also an island-like which splits the river current into two. Along the side of the river are nipa huts constructed to accommodate tourists, and some of them offers karaoke for their enjoyment.

Completed last 2010, Calaba Bridge spans a length of 900 meters and is now being considered as one of the attractions in the province.The bridge was built to connect the three towns separated by the Abra River – the towns of La Paz, Danglas and Lagayan.

From Bangued terminal, take a jeep bound to La Paz, Danglas or Lagayan. Taking a tricycle will do since it’s only 3 to 4 kilometers from Bangued.



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