Luna’s Leaning Watchtower (Baluarte)

Leaning Tower of Luna (pun intended)

Leaning Tower of Luna, pun intended! (Baluarte, Luna, La Union)

As the flock and I went along the Pebble Beach of Luna, La Union, we noticed there a very old spherical fort. Named as Baluarte (watchtower), it is said that Spaniards built the stronghold using reddish bricks to prevent threats from other conquerors and pirates.

The road to Pebble Beach leads you directly to Watchtower (Baluarte, Luna, La Union)

Nowadays, that historical structure is now slanted and cut into two due to erosion of the ground. Thanks to the solid posts supporting its other half, the tower can still endure for another generation to see (I hope so). Aside from risk of collapsing, its inside kinda stinks, full of trash and vandalism can be seen.
I hope the government and the townsfolk there have an action to preserve this valuable piece of our history.

Luna Watchtower

Favorite tambayan of nearby residence (Baluarte, Luna, La Union)

Last October 2015, the already leaning half portion of the baluarte collapsed as a result of the strong waves brought by Typhoon Koppu, known in the Philippines as Bagyong Lando. The site has already been cordoned off, and the government is planning to preserve the remaining part of the baluarte still standing. See more from Philippine Daily Inquirer


  • From Luna town proper, go to Valdez Street near St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish. There’s another road there going to the Pebble Beach and to Baluarte Watch Tower.
Plants thriving above the tower

Plants thriving above the tower (Baluarte, Luna, La Union)

Vandalism in one of its support pylon

Vandalism (at its finest) in one of its support pylon (Baluarte, Luna, La Union)

Luna Watchtower

Baluarte, Luna, La Union

Sunset along the coastline of Luna

Sunset along the coastline (Baluarte, Luna, La Union)

As the sun sets, the watchtower’s color is getting warmer (Baluarte, Luna, La Union)

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