Bangui: Waiting for the Big Drop at Abang Falls

Abang Falls

Locals hang-out at the lower basin of the falls (Abang Falls, Bangui, Ilocos Norte)

Yep, you read it right. Actually, the flock and I were desperate to experience a big drop of water from Abang Falls (Abang literally means “wait”) in Bangui, Ilocos Norte that time. And so, our impatience led us to a funny misadventure. Here’s why.

When we’re out to do some grocery at the Bangui’s town proper, we saw a tarpaulin promoting Abang Falls. It showed the fall’s five basins and directional map. We’ve decided to give it a try.

We got there after 3 kilometers of travel from National Highway. At the entrance, there’s a hut with signs indicating entrance fee worth 10 pesos for adults and 5 pesos for children, though we weren’t charged by anyone when we enter. The first basin is already seen beside the entrance, but who wants the lowest if there’s more above?

Acie and Pol, mga tukmol na nag-aabang. Third basin

Acie and Pol, mga tukmol na nag-aabang. Third basin (Abang Falls, Bangui, Ilocos Norte)

The trails and a metal ladder there were a bit unfriendly to us. Visitors must take extra caution in going to the next basin.

We’re a bit disappointed by the falls’ weak drop of water when we got to the second basin. Without a doubt, December is not the right month to visit a rainy day waterfalls.

Still, we try to go higher and find the other basins. We found two men climbing a very cliffy path. We tried to go up there. But when we’re on a halfway (or maybe less) with only creepers, stems and rocks to rely on reaching the top, we decided to halt. We felt the danger as we go down and see how high we fall if we weren’t careful. Dry soils eroded and dirtied our clothes as we go back to the basin.

Gab, another sheep waiting for the big drop

Gab, another sheep waiting for the big drop (Abang Falls, Bangui, Ilocos Norte)

Good thing there’s a consolation to our failed attempt. We jumped out the cold water of the falls. The falls maybe not on its best for the season, but it still gives us the relaxation we deserve (after it gave us a heart attack, hehe).

Some group of visitors (I guess with some foreigners) dared to go higher as we took a dip in the basin. They failed as expected. I heard that the Bangui officials are seeking DENR to declare Abang Falls as eco-park. Even with or without the assistance of DENR, as long as they opened the waterfalls to the public, they must ensure the safety of the tourists thereby improving the trails and enclosing undeveloped and risky path (just saying).

We’re still hoping to go back to Abang Falls next time and get a better view of the place, especially during its “majestic” form.

Long exposure shot capturing the swirling leaves

Capturing the swirling leaves (Abang Falls, Bangui, Ilocos Norte)


From Bangui Municipal Hall, take the National Highway bound to Pagudpud. After Malasin Barangay Hall, there’s a Shell station and a road. Go right there and you’ll see along the way is the Lanao Barangay Hall and a nearby road where you must turn right again. Proceed to that road until you reach the entrance of Abang Falls.

Abang Falls

This one’s (not so mighty) long fall (OOR Reference; Abang Falls, Bangui, Ilocos Norte)


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